Thursday, August 12, 2010

My fifth post - balance

This has been a really great week at work, three of the toddlers I work with had great language spurts this week, I heard first words from two different little boys - one said ball and roll, the other said cup and apple, a third little girl used her first two word phrase and first grammatical morpheme "I jumping!" - supersweet verb + ing!!

Some days it is really hard for me to balance work, mommy-hood and life. Especially when Owen is having a fit about "slippery" socks on the morning that we are already running late, but I am blessed with a flexible job and some amazing kids to work with. When kids make big gains like I saw this week, I feel great knowing I had some part in their development.

This week has been going so well, Owen is doing better on the potty, I had a dinner out with the girls, and my hubby volunteered to do the dishes tonight!

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