Friday, August 6, 2010

My second post

It was a fun-filled week around here. We had a great visit with my brother, Uncle Robby. He just returned from a two month trip to Europe. Most of his time was spent with our family in Ireland, but he also visited Germany, Amsterdam and England. He had a great time but not too many details to share with us. Hopefully when he gets his pictures printed it will jog his memory a bit!

Owen received an adorable Irish football outfit from Robby, here they are together...

Robby joined us for ice cream ... yum!! Owen loves our local ice cream place ( ok we all do), there is a large wooden train for the little ones to play on

and of course there's the ice cream!

Robby spent the night and we headed for the hills to visit our cousin and her family. They rent a house every year on a beautiful lake. It was relaxing and fun. Owen got more used to the water and was having a blast with his cousins.

They played soccer, fished and swam all day.

I practiced taking silhouette photos in the evening...

The boys were doing their best runway moves for me, it was fun, I love the last one of the brothers, they don't always get along so well everyday but the photo captures some brotherly love. Also I played with that one in photoshop, warming it up a bit and playing with the sky using the quick edit tool - make dull skies blue, I love it!

I started working on silhouettes on the Saturday prior when I was also visiting the lake:

These are two of my other favorite photos from the lake. I love the footprints even though its pretty centered, I don't think it follows the "rules" of composition. In the next photo I love how the bright colors pop against the grey house in the other photo, though it is also nothing special compositionally.

We had a great week, and the next post should cover our weekend.

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